Garage door lubricant : How To Properly Lubricate A Garage Door
In most homes, the garage door is the single largest moving part. It is big and heavy, particularly so if you have a wind-loaded door with extra bracing. Over a year, if you use your door an average of three to four times a day, it will go up and down about 1000 to 1500 times. Garage doors are not inexpensive to replace and proper care of it will ensure you do not have to replace anything for years to come. When it rains or snows you always run the risk of the moving parts becoming rusty. This does not only ruin a garage door but can be dangerous if a track or spring should fail. If you notice some screeching noises from your garage door, you should know it is time to have a checkup. Components including screws, springs, tracks, and hinges are made of metal, they need to remain lubricated. Understanding how to lubricate your garage door components can increase the longevity of the door.
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