Hood System Cleaning in Los Angeles
Grease can serve as fuel for a fire no matter what state it’s in. Solid, liquid, and even as a vapor, grease is
dangerous in your commercial kitchen, especially if you cook with an open flame. Hood system cleaning
will prevent sparks from setting your entire kitchen on fire. Los Angeles Hood Cleaning can help you
avoid the risk of grease fires with our thorough kitchen cleaning services!
Our LA location makes us an obvious choice for all restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafes, and day care
facilities. Any establishment with a commercial kitchen can benefit from hood system cleaning by Los
Angeles Hood Cleaning!
If it has been a while since you had your kitchen’s exhaust system thoroughly cleaned, contact us as
soon as possible for a full inspection. We can also review government standards to make sure you have
been getting hood cleanings done as often as you are supposed to. Owning a business is overwhelming
because of all the things you’re expected to keep up with. Los Angeles Hood Cleaning can help by
managing the hood system cleaning schedule that is required by law.
Some commercial kitchens are required to have their exhaust system cleaned once or twice a year, but
others require much more frequent cleanings. Therefore, it pays to be sure. Letting a team of
professionals help you sort through confusing government regulations can give you the reassurance that
you need before the health inspector knocks on your door.
Obeying the law is a great reason to have hood system cleaning done on time every time. Here are a few
? You’ll prevent kitchen fires.
It’s well known that most restaurant fires start in the kitchen area. However, you may be surprised
to learn that many of them are also caused by faulty wiring or other unpredictable cause. Any fire
can be detrimental to your business, but a clean exhaust system will help you reduce the risk of
preventable kitchen fires.
? You’ll protect all your kitchen equipment.
Your fryers, grills, and stovetops seem like obvious places for a fire to begin, but other cooking
appliances can cause fires, too, if they get too hot. You can keep the air flowing in your commercial
kitchen with hood system cleaning, reducing the temperature in your kitchen and preventing your
oven and other kitchen appliances from getting too hot and causing an unexpected fire.
? You won’t be solely dependent on your fire suppression system.
The fire prevention systems in most modern kitchen exhausts are quite effective; however, that isn’t
to say that they never fail. You must still perform your kitchen exhaust system’s upkeep to give
yourself an extra layer of defense against all types of kitchen fires.
Los Angeles Hood Cleaning offers fast, affordable hood system cleaning, including the exterior of the
hood itself, plus the filters, ducts, and exhaust fans. You’re required to do a lot of things in order to
maintain your business, but exhaust system cleaning doesn’t have to be something that slips through
the cracks!
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