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Healthier Choices are Available Nationwide from America’s Dip Destination


Health and wellness have become increasingly important in the consideration of the snacking styles of Americans. Reading the labels has become more than a pastime, but an imperative part of the daily choices on how to eat what you love and love what you eat. The rising popularity of ‘better for you’ dips has been defined as an integral part of this beneficial trend and ¡Yo Quiero! continues to lead the charge as the Dip Destination, especially for those who have resolved to a healthier start in 2023.

Historically, 38.5% of US adults set New Year’s resolutions every year, with an overwhelming majority of those focusing on adopting and sticking to healthier habits. Sadly, and predictably, less than 40% of people follow through with their resolutions past the first month.

“A commitment to healthier living doesn’t mean deprivation, and that’s where ‘better for you’ snacking choices can be the game changer for 2023,” says Jay Alley, Co-Owner, and Vice President of ¡Yo Quiero!, the family-owned Texas-based company known for their commitment the help people ‘eat good to feel good’.

From products like guacamole to salsa and the recent introduction of their first-of-its-kind line of avocado cream cheese dips, ¡Yo Quiero!, believes whole-heartedly in the quality and make-up of ingredients in each of their dips to help build a balance that can be sustained past the first month of 2023, when resolutions are initially energized. 

Nutrient-rich avocado as a primary ingredient has become a proven leader in the category.  “Avocado has come out on top as one of the healthiest ingredients to build upon to create dips that have fewer calories, less fat, and less cholesterol than other top-selling dips. When people are satisfied with excellent taste as well as healthier ingredients, they are more likely to stick to a lifestyle choice longer,” he continues.

“Not just limited to a healthier kick-start to 2023, the popularity of ‘Better For You’ snacking options, is growing at a record pace, led by avocado consumption.  Americans now eat approximately 8.5 pounds per person per year—up 278 percent since 2000. Avocados are naturally nutrient-rich, and the array of vitamins and minerals they contain are not often found together in one place,“ Tara Murray, VP of Marketing for ¡Yo Quiero!.

“We are looking at many other products to roll out in 2023 as part of our commitment to the ‘better for you’ snacking revolution. We are putting on the finishing touches on our highly-anticipated bean dip that is made with top quality beans and spices, is low in calories, and provides both 2 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per serving,” she concludes.

¡Yo Quiero!’s dips are available at select Costco, Walmart, and Albertson’s locations across the U.S.  To learn more about ¡Yo Quiero! visit and