Reducing Hazards from California’s Aging Oil Infrastructure

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/27 8:00A Guest Author
This month’s ruptured pipeline oil spill should be a wake-up call for our legislature to address the huge elephant in the room. The older this stuff gets, the more hazardous it becomes. The less valuable these less productive assets become, the...

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Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/25 8:00P Guest Author
Living in Santa Monica might seem like a dream that is far out of reach for renters trying to move in or too expensive for renters currently living in the Santa Monica area. Santa Monica has focused on affordable housing, but this may be at risk...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/21 8:00A Charles Andrews
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: TONIGHT! DUDAMEL conducts MAHLER’S 4T oh boy do I love Mahler and so does our LA Phil Music Director Gustavo, it is one of his areas of great passion and recognition, when he won the first ever Gustav Mahler Conducting...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/19 8:00A David Pisarra
“Live a life you are proud of.” Well Claire Wineland certainly did. The young woman with the infectious laugh, indomitable spirit and open heart left her mark on the world in a way that few others ever will. It’s not easy to write about someone...

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Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/18 8:00A Guest Author
October is more than ADHD Awareness Month for me. It’s also a reminder of the struggles I’ve overcome with my own mental health, and why I committed my career to helping others that struggle as I did. As a child with ADHD, I was very disorganized...

Cult Leaders Often Despise Their Followers

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/15 8:00A Jack Neworth
Last Saturday night I was flipping channels when I saw a Trump rally in Iowa. Almost a full year after the election and giving new meaning to the expression “sore loser,” Trump was repeating his baseless voter fraud routine. Question: If the...

Westside food bank is experiencing high demand as the holidays approach

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 10/15 3:00A Daniel Farr
The Westside Food Bank (WFB) saw an unprecedented spike in need when the Covid-related stay-at-home orders first went into effect last year, and after regressing toward the norm during summer months, the demand is at extremely high levels yet...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/14 6:00A Charles Andrews
BIG FINISH To the summer music series in Gandara Park last Sunday, with Americana artist JOACHIM COODER interpreting through his mbira, a large vertical African thumb piano. Without slighting the accomplished musician who was a vital part of the...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/12 8:00A Guest Author
The October 2021 issue of National Geographic magazine has a major article on Black homeownership. It says: “A typical … white family’s wealth is eight times that of a typical black family a legacy of bias in housing.” The article makes clear the...

Merck asks US FDA to authorize promising anti-COVID pill

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 10/12 3:00A Guest Author
MATTHEW PERRONE / AP Health Writer Drugmaker Merck asked U.S. regulators Monday to authorize its pill for treating COVID-19 in what would add an entirely new and easy-to-use weapon to the world’s arsenal against the pandemic. If cleared by the...

Dear John-continue last week

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/11 8:00A Guest Author
Dear John, My daughter is 16, dating a boy who’s turning 20 in a month. He drives a muscle car and lives with a roommate. My daughter who is sometimes mature beyond her years, wise beyond her years, is also emotionally a 16 year old. The thing is,...

Rewarding hobbies

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/9 8:00A Guest Author
One of my entertainments is to read the newspapers every morning and collect interesting phrases. Sometimes just a few words open up a school of thought. Three that recently caught my attention are; “Tribe defining belief,” “Trench-warfare...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 10/7 8:00A Charles Andrews
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: LA OPERA presents VERDI’S “IL TROVATORE” — finally I saw, I heard, I loved, and I must kick it up to HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but this is the final performance! Do yourself a favor. Take a chance, even if you think opera is not...
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