Ban the weapons

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 4/17 8:00A Guest Author
Editor: Rejecting the proposed items ban on items that be used as weapons is beyond idiotic. That means frozen water bottles and soda cans as well as bricks and signs with wood posts can be used against our police, fire department and EMT’s...

Police Commission seeking youth and diversity

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 4/17 3:00A Matthew Hall
Council is mounting a last ditch effort to recruit young and racially diverse residents for the soon to be formed Public Safety Reform Oversight Commission (PSROC). Appointments to the PSROC were scheduled for discussion at the April 13 council...

JuneShine hard kombucha tasting room opens on Main Street

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 4/17 3:00A Clara Harter
JuneShine opens its first LA tasting room on Main Street today, bringing sixteen different flavors of hard kombucha to a bright and airy patio and bar space. Located at 2914 Main Street, the room...

Getting to the Bottom of Tyra Banks’s Smize Cream

Los Angeles Magazine 4/16 10:52A Gwynedd Stuart
Tyra Banks is a fascinating and iconic figure: a model, talk show host, and entrepreneur allegedly worth $90 million dollars. A woman who may or may not have gone to Harvard Business School . A woman...

Even at 99, Jerry’s On the Move

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 4/16 8:00A Jack Neworth
In six days my dear friend, 99-year-old Jerry Rosenblum, who’s lived in Santa Monica for 50 years, is moving to Florida. He’s flying to Fort Lauderdale where he’s meeting 29-year-old Katie Miller, his “bestie” as she puts it, who’s flying in from...

Vaccine Clinics

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 4/16 3:00A Guest Author
Vaccine: Community Corporation of Santa Monica partnered with Mt. Olive Lutheran Church to host a pop-up Covid vaccination clinic this week. Despite concerns over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine,...

Disappointed in Foster

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 4/15 8:00A Guest Author
I was disappointed to read School Board Member Craig Foster’s published letter in early April regarding SMMUSD’s response to the devastating Woolsey Fire. Foster’s letter stated that the district did nothing to help the Malibu community during...

Noteworthy – WE ARE AN ARTS CITY!

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 4/15 6:00A Charles Andrews
TALK IS CHEAP When it is convenient, and when we want to puff up our collective ego, we brag about the arts in Santa Monica. We are such an art community. We are all in for the arts. Except we’re not, really, are we? When it comes right down to...

Red states on U.S. electoral map lagging on vaccinations

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 4/15 3:00A Associated Press
RUSS BYNUM, Associated Press With coronavirus shots now in the arms of nearly half of American adults, the parts of the U.S. that are excelling and those that are struggling with vaccinations are starting to look like the nation’s political map:...

Vaccine Distribution

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 4/15 3:00A editor
VACCINE: The People Concern hosted a vaccine clinic at their Samoshel this week. The program brings mobile vaccine centers to individuals who might not be able to access the traditional distribution...

Your Column Here -NOW PLAYING: A Moviegoer Goes Back

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 4/14 8:00A Guest Author
By Hank Rosenfeld We live in the movie capital of the world. So I feel it’s one’s duty to head out to the local cineplex; how can I not leap at an opportunity for big time entertainment in front of what film aficionados call the silver screen?...

EXPLAINER: What’s known about J&J’s vaccine and rare clots

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 4/14 3:00A Guest Author
LAURAN NEERGAARD, AP Medical Writer A rare, rogue immune response is the main suspect as authorities investigate highly unusual blood clots following use of two similar COVID-19 vaccines from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. The U.S....
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