Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/11 3:00A Charles Andrews
NASHVILLE Before my first visit there, a week ago, I didn’t know all that much about Nashville, longtime capital of country music, but which country music? 50 years ago they began embracing a...

Santa Monica massively underfunding its police department

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/10 3:00A Guest Author
At the June 25th City Council meeting Mayor Brock pleaded with other Council members to increase funding to the Police Department in an effort to stave off a rash of high-profile, violent incidents that have occurred in the City. The request was...

Letter to the Editor

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/9 3:00A Guest Author
Dear Editor In response to Kevin McKeown’s Letter to the Editor on July 3rd , I’m puzzled by his referring to himself as Retired Former Mayor. While it’s true that Kevin served as mayor for two years...

The Re-View: The French

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 7/8 3:00A Merv Hecht
The French are different. Not only different from us, but different from each other. Their food makes the point. We are traveling in France, eating in some of the top restaurants in the world. My...

Unmuted: the new Mayor?

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/5 3:00A Editor
Santa Monica seems to have a new Mayor: Jawann Garnett. Mr. Garnett has the dubious distinction of having assaulted three women on the beach last week, yet Mr. Garnett, a homeless convicted sex offender, took charge of the agenda for the City...

Bye bye, So Long, Farewell

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/5 3:00A Guest Author
In the wake of thirty-four guilty verdicts in the Donald Trump hush money case, the party that chanted lock her up has suddenly found religion. Conservatives who had no problem with the idea of...

HOA Homefront: Is this OK under fair housing laws?

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/5 3:00A Guest Author
Kelly, The board recently voted to change the parking rules in our community handicapped stalls within the parking garage. The board says handicap stalls will be viewed as common visitor stalls...

Brock Tower

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/3 3:00A Guest Author
Dear Editor, Brock Tower (Daily Press opinion 6/26, I’ve Had It by Charles Andrews) will probably never get built because of the daunting economics of high-rise construction, but fear-mongering has...

Opinion: Clouds…and we’re screwed

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/3 3:00A Charles Andrews
Just back from Nashville, Albuquerque Sunday night through Sunday night, so I knew I would have to get up Monday morning with a cup of strong coffee to counter a weak will for work, and crank out this...

Wrong person

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/1 3:00A Guest Author
Editor: In response to “retired former Mayor” Kevin McKeown’s letter of June 21st, attacking City Council member Christina Parra, if he had watched the entire Council discussion, he would know that...

Not Santa Monica

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/1 3:00A Guest Author
Editor: Today, a woman standing near me in the TJ Maxx at 4th & Arizona casually urinated all over the floor. A few days ago, my 13-year-old daughter and her friend were accosted on the sidewalk...

Stemming the flow

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 7/1 3:00A Guest Author
Editor’s Note : The following was written before the release of the Supreme Court case and County figures on homelessness. The unsustainable inflow of transient homeless people is too much for this...
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