Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/21 7:00A Jack Neworth
It feels like it could have only happened in “The Twilight Zone.” In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president of the United States causing widespread optimism about a post-racial America. That lasted about 24 hours, or as long as it took for...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 1/19 7:58P Charles Andrews
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: TONIGHT! LA PHIL with Michael Tilson Thomas, Symphonic ELLINGTON, “New World A-Comin”with GERALD CLAYTON – I am really excited about this one. And it demonstrates that a truly exceptional Philharmonic Orchestra group reaches...

Lions roar

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/18 7:00A Guest Author
To celebrate the holidays, the Santa Monica Pacific Palisades Lions Club hosted their annual Salvation Army fundraiser. Members attending had the pleasure of meeting Lts. James & Katrina Fleming, the 8-month-old baby girl they’re fostering and...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/15 7:00A Guest Author
In response to the article on January 11, 2022, I would like to take this opportunity to provide clarity. Barry Snell is not the leader of the Black Agenda as was stated in the article. Barry Snell is the President of SMBLA the Non-profit...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/14 7:00A Guest Author
Re: Time to go electric, SMDP, 1/13/22 Perhaps Mr. Scott is not looking around as he drives the streets of Santa Monica. Teslas are parked on every block it seems, and they seem very reluctant to obey stop signs, but that is another matter. We...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 1/12 2:46P Charles Andrews
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: TONIGHT! LA PHIL with MICHAEL TILSON THOMAS, EMANUEL AX plays BRAHMS – I know we’ve all fallen deeply in love with The Dude(amel), but many remember fondly how local-born prodigy MTT led our great orchestra in the ‘80s, and LA...

Time to go electric

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/12 7:00A Guest Author
It’s time for Santa Monica residents to go electric and dump the pump! Now that there are dozens of compelling electric vehicles on the market with prices comparable to equivalent gas cars, more residents are switching to the cleaner, better...


Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/11 2:50P Charles Andrews
WELL. Well, well, well. It seems quite a few people are just a teensy bit upset over renderings of the very large development creature gestating at Lincoln and Ocean Park. Let’s just call it the LOP Monster here, for convenience, shall we? These...

A Marvelous Magic Show at the Playhouse

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/11 7:00A David Pisarra
Have I got a magic show for you! Magic is an age-old art form. It happens in every culture and has since the first cave grandpa pulled a rock from behind his grandchild’s ear. I’d say most people love a good magic trick, and in a day and age of...

Snell and Mechur are Conflicted Over SMMUSD Vote

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/11 7:00A Guest Author
Even children know and understand the importance of fairness. Our entire system of democracy is built upon the foundations of equality before the law and the right to a fair process with transparent and accountable rules. Therefore, it should be...

‘National Plan for Vacation Day’ is coming on Jan. 25

SANTA MONICA TRAVEL & TOURISM 1/10 1:32P Christine Emhardt
The burnout’s been real and ‘National Plan for Vacation Day,’ is set to encourage Americans to plan their time off, CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. David Agus offers benefits of vacations SANTA MONICA, Calif., (January 10, 2022) – In 2020,...

County testing program hits snag as COVID-19 surge continues

Santa Monica Daily Press (Life) 1/7 2:00A Emily Sawicki
If you ordered one of LA County’s free at-home COVID-19 test kits in the last week or so, you may be waiting a long time to receive it via mail. That’s because the county quietly paused the program on Wednesday, leaving residents unsure whether...

Jerry’s First 100 Years

Santa Monica Daily Press (Opinion) 1/7 1:59A Jack Neworth
On Saturday my dear friend, Jerry Rosenblum, a Santa Monica resident for almost 60 years, turns 100! So many congratulations are swirling in my head but I’m going to start with Mazel Tov! Jerry’s late mother, Nettie, lived to 102 so his myriad of...
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