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Is Barndominium Living for You? Consider the Pros and Cons® Real Estate News 12/5 10:00A Larissa Runkle
Photo courtesy of Bella's Landscaping via Houzz After the past few years of climbing home prices—and a pandemic that made even spacious homes feel cramped—you’d be forgiven for fantasizing about moving your brood into a big country house . One way...

Family of Colin Powell Sells McLean, VA, Home for $2.8M® Real Estate News 12/5 3:00A Jennifer Kelly Geddes
Getty Images / Colin Powell was not only a four-star general who served for decades in the Army, but also a trailblazer who held three of the highest positions in the U.S. government....

6 Things Recent Homebuyers Can’t Stand About Their Bathroom® Real Estate News 12/5 12:00A Kathleen Willcox
Getty Images Buyer’s remorse comes in many forms. In the aftermath of the most recent real estate rush, many homebuyers who were willing to compromise their priorities are now wishing they hadn t been...
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